Sunday, September 8, 2013

it's that time of year again

time to get the chimney ready for winter
Tyler's helping Ron get harnessed up
scariest part for me..
waiting for Ron to get securely latched on
to the safety line
next year he's going to have a longer safety line,
so he can get hitched up while on the ground
but today, he takes it up with him
then tosses it down the other side
Tyler secures the line on to the tractor hitch
now I can breathe easier..
Ron is safely hitched to the safety line
time to get the brushes and poles
and up to the chimney he goes
this is his first time doing something like this,
since he broke his leg back in Oct..
wow.. almost a year ago..
he's not doing bad for someone whose leg is still broken
yep, that's right..
his right leg, the small bone, hasn't healed..
so it looks like another operation will be in his future..
sometime in the new year..
he goes back to see his surgeon on Oct 4th..
then we will find out the exact details
of what operation is needed, and when
but for now, it's not slowing him down much
cleaning is done at the top of the chimney,
he sends the brushes and poles down
the top goes back on the top of the chimney pipe
and he heads down
and I breathe a sigh of relief
as he gets back on solid ground again